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Someone Wanna Guess What Kurvball’s New Ringtone Is?

I’m disqualified, seeing as how she begged me to make it for her, after she heard it in the Xbox game I was playing with her last night: Pride is involved here somewhere, I’m sure.  And to quote Kurvball herself: … Continue reading

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Anderson Cooper Cracking up During a Report on the Gerard Depardieu Urinating-on-a-Plane Story…is Urineawesome.

This honestly makes me laugh So. Frigging. Hard. Especially his laugh. His laugh is like Kryptonite for all haters. And the puns. Oh, the glorious puns. My favorite is that he stops and explains EACH ONE. My friends, there is … Continue reading

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Today’s Explosm

[Cyanide & Happiness]

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Friday Goodies Roundup!!!

I want a lot of things for my life.  I’m sure we all do.  Just like Lord Gummi up there in the feature photo, I want to be able to sit somewhere comfortable and fun, looking at a number of … Continue reading

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Between Two Campaigners

GABE:  Have you ever tried to pee yourself? KURVBALL:  What? GABE:  You know, have you ever consciously tried to pee yourself?  I think it’s a lot harder than people give it credit for.

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