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“I will say this about creativity…”

“I will say this about creativity. The meal that you ahve, the sleep that you have, the relationship with the family you have, breathing, drinking, doing anything other than writing…is all procrastination. There is no ritual that enchances creativity other … Continue reading

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Sawbones: A Marital Tour of Misguided Medicine

A nice sampler to one of my more favorite podcasts these days. Husband and wife duo, where the wife is a fully qualified medical doctor, offering fun histories of where medicine went horribly wrong in its efforts to get it … Continue reading

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Pizza delivery clone & #MaxFunWeek

Today marks the end of MaxFunWeek for Maximumfun.org , home to the most amazing podcasts I’ve ever had the pleasure of listening to.  Bullseye, Jordan Jesse Go, Judge John Hodgman, Sawbones, Song Exploder, and one of my favorites, My Brother My … Continue reading

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Mike Mignola on the Nerdist Podcast

It’s funny, I spend ten years catching up and reading more of anything and everything related to the Hellboy universe, and I never quite of making more direct informational connections with its creator, Mike Migonla.  Never really googled what he looked like … Continue reading

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Behind the scenes with Jesse Thorn’s “Bullseye”

Cultural kingpin extraordinaire Jesse Thorn, lord tyrant of the Maximum Fun podcast network is the most stand-up gentleman you could follow in new media.  “Balif” to Judge John Hodgman, co-host on “Jordan Jesse Go”, and curator of culture on his … Continue reading

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FEaB #11…Animated.

Talented animator illustrates for us the question of the villainous ice-crem social.  Or rather, questions the very origin of henchmen themselves, recognizing that like itself, it/they just didn’t come out of nowhere.  What we actually have here is a talk between Matt … Continue reading

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Too Much Gabes – Episode #12: Illness

Ottawa Gabe and I do our part talking illness, babying, and the like.

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