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Stockholm, that place where…

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This is Kiruna: How to Move a City

Having visited this city numerous times, this city my own father is from, I can attest to how beautiful this place is, and how fascinating this process sounds.

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Super extra gravity

Surprisingly solid album. Gets to me every time.  

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The making of an IKEA Billy bookcase.

Listen, I think I know a thing or two about Billy bookcases.  The lady and I own five of them thanks to the needs of our book collection.  I’ve helped my own parents set up a mess of their own. … Continue reading

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Falling in love with Malmö

I like at this video of this awesome town from my fatherland before I fall to the ground and weep for how outclassed Toronto is RE: Cycling culture, and how Toronto’s lacking political unity will practically forever keep our city … Continue reading

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Swedish Midsummer for dummies

Swedish Midsummer is today.  A holiday that celebrates, outdoor eating, frolicking, games, a mess of drinking, and a small peppering of paganism.  Dad and I are going to enjoy ourselves.  I’m going to find myself a maypole and dance the … Continue reading

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Hail to thee my fatherland…

Look at this thing I’m laughing at constantly because I actually hold ownership of a Swedish passport and omg comedy aside most of the things brought up about the Swedish people this video are still kinda true.

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Well, there goes Christ Hadfield tweeting pictures of my fatherland this time

Stockholm, Sweden. An iconic Northern city pulsing outward from the charming central island of Stadsholmen. pic.twitter.com/Nfq9Jq8YHi — Chris Hadfield (@Cmdr_Hadfield) March 6, 2013

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My new favorite thing, Swedish punk-band, “The Bombettes”

Thank you official Twitter account to Sweden, for introducing me to these Swedish gals.  I’ll find a a way to pay back the favor, I’m sure.  They can also be found on Spotify, if that’s something you have access to.

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Too Much Gabes – Episode #09: Traveling

The idea was to do a show about stories on traveling, but we quickly dipped into discussions about the SOPA debate, slamming dads, U.S. Customs, Sweden, Scandanavia, and Hong Kong.  So, make what you will of that.  Cheers!

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