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Stockholm, that place where…

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This is Kiruna: How to Move a City

Having visited this city numerous times, this city my own father is from, I can attest to how beautiful this place is, and how fascinating this process sounds.

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Super extra gravity

Surprisingly solid album. Gets to me every time.  

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The making of an IKEA Billy bookcase.

Listen, I think I know a thing or two about Billy bookcases.  The lady and I own five of them thanks to the needs of our book collection.  I’ve helped my own parents set up a mess of their own. … Continue reading

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Falling in love with Malmö

I like at this video of this awesome town from my fatherland before I fall to the ground and weep for how outclassed Toronto is RE: Cycling culture, and how Toronto’s lacking political unity will practically forever keep our city … Continue reading

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Swedish Midsummer for dummies

Swedish Midsummer is today.  A holiday that celebrates, outdoor eating, frolicking, games, a mess of drinking, and a small peppering of paganism.  Dad and I are going to enjoy ourselves.  I’m going to find myself a maypole and dance the … Continue reading

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Hail to thee my fatherland…

Look at this thing I’m laughing at constantly because I actually hold ownership of a Swedish passport and omg comedy aside most of the things brought up about the Swedish people this video are still kinda true.

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