Your empty house

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Music from a commute

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Sssssooooooo on board with #StarringConstanceWu

Because she’s flippin’ amazing on Fresh Off the Boat, and if you haven’t watched that show yet, you’re more-or-less a ding-dong.  Stop screwing around.

#StarringConstanceWu is here to fight whitewashing

After hashtag campaign #StarringJohnCho reimagined Hollywood films with Star Trek actor John Cho in the lead role, Fresh Off the Boat actress Constance Wu is getting her shot. And judging by her tweet, Wu approves.

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SOAK’s cover of “Immigrant Song”

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This is Kiruna: How to Move a City

Having visited this city numerous times, this city my own father is from, I can attest to how beautiful this place is, and how fascinating this process sounds.

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Kusakabe Kimbei, The Fisherman and The Octopus Japan, 1892


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Happy Leeroy Jenkins Day everyone.

11 years ago today…

[also via The AV Club]

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