Yeah, I’ll post that “Captain America” trailer like everyone else…

Two things, first, that sequence near the end of the trailer where Captain America and Bucky are taking on Iron Man highlights the continuing awesomeness of the fight choreography Marvel can produce in a film.


Secondly, did anyone else think basically this when Tony Stark and Captain America were talking about friendship?

Captain America 01

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“Superman III”, the horror film, is the Superman III film I always wish I had.

Bonus points for including the scene featuring Vera Webster’s (Annie Ross) transformation into a cyborg creature, which honest to god, gave me nightmares anytime I remembered it.

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Played MGS: Peace Walker yesterday and managed to recruit two soldiers w/ the dumbest codenames I’ve ever seen.


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“Super Science Friends” is a show that NEEDS more episodes RIGHT NOW. (cc @TinmanToronto )

Featuring the super-powered likes of  Marie Curie, Charles Darwin, Nikola Tesla, Sigmund Freud, and Tapputi (some sort of Witchdoctor) the first chemist in history.  Would have supported this kickstarter had I discovered this when it existed.

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David Bowie’s new track, “★”

Ever since reading Marc Spitz’s “Bowie: A Biography”, I’ve always regarded David Bowie as some otherwordly titan that has chosen to live among us humans, silently living in the shadows for extended periods of time, only to come out and protect us from bad taste. He is the ultimate “drop everything and sell your first-born to buy tickets to one of his rare (these days at least) concerts” figures.  So to that, I celebrate the release of “★”  (pronounced “Blackstar”), heralding the release of a new album of work by Bowie in the new year.  Top form stuff from a musician that’s better than we ever deserved. 

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It DEFINITELY was not supposed to be this way.


[via Parrish Comics]

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Penguin robots will forever be outsiders.

The penguins have finally discovered the robotic penguin cam, and this is what they think of it.  [via Imgur]

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