Tim Burton’s “Batman”

This is going to be short and sweet, but personal. A couple of days ago marked the 27th anniversary of the release of Tim Burton’s Batman in theatres. A great stride for superhero films arguably still in their infancy. Also maybe the first movie I can remember seeing in theatres. Dad and I were on a road trip to Montreal with mom and a some family friends one summer, and while they went to do some shopping dad and seven-year-old me grabbed a burger before popping into a nice air conditioned theatre and watched this film. Stellar, and I’ve watched it since more times than I can count.

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Gorillaz – Deconstructing Genre

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#TheInternetNamesAnimals is your new favorite thing


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I love emotions

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I Always See Kanye West

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Happy #E32016 everyone

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The Duke and I yet again on the same wavelength.

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