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Between Two Campaigners

KURVBALL: Can we name one of our imaginary children “Torple?” GABE: He can be the one that we give up for adoption, for fun. KURVBALL: So are we super fertile now? We’re just going to start giving ’em away, willy-nilly? … Continue reading

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Between Two Campaigners

GABE:  Have you ever tried to pee yourself? KURVBALL:  What? GABE:  You know, have you ever consciously tried to pee yourself?  I think it’s a lot harder than people give it credit for.

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Ewwwwwww…Respect For Miley Cyrus?

Dag nab it.  Miley Cyrus just gave me a reason to give her a bit more respect: “It should be harder to be an artist. You shouldn’t just be able to put a song on YouTube and go on tour.” … Continue reading

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That Skittles Commercial – Seriously, You Need To Try This.

When I was young, I recall watching a David Copperfield television special.  He was performing all manner of illusions and not-tricks.  Part of his blow-my-mindness involved an interactive idea for viewers at home.  He’s display the faces of five playing … Continue reading

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New Doctor Who Trailer!

Sqqqwwwwweeeeeeeee!  Today’s nerdgasm is brought to you by latest full and proper trailer for the upcoming season of Doctor Who.  I just nerded:

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Here Is Evidence I Have Time-Traveled From the Future

I came back…to rock…the f***…OUT!: *WRITER’S NOTE:  No fooling, I know exactly where this location is.  I have physically been to this bar numerous times.

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As Long As They Steer Away From Comic Book Fodder: What Else Should Be Adapted Into A Broadway Musical?

New York Magazine’s Vulture section poses this question while discussing the upcoming opening of Catch Me If You Can, and the news today that the Weinstein Company is developing musicals based on Finding Neverland and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Oh, … Continue reading

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Dear Internet…

…please explain this sight I was greeted with when I reached for ice in my freezer a moment ago.

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Ladies & Gents, meet the Proofreader/Copy Editor for the Harry Potter Books

Harry Potter was, without a doubt, the biggest publishing phenomenon of the 2000s. (I’m just going to pretend the Twilight thing never happened).  Imagine being a staffer at Bloomsbury UK, then at Scholastic in the US and Raincoast in Canada, … Continue reading

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Did You Get Your Copy?? The Radiohead Newspaper.

A month or so ago, Radiohead released their new album for purchase online (available via their website and iTunes), and yesterday the physical album was released. As a promotion for King of Limbs, the band distributed a free one-time newspaper … Continue reading

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