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This photo of Bill Nye exists…

…and now I don’t know what to make of the world.  This might be the photo that makes me want to learn how to tie a bow-tie. [via Nick Pampenella]

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Babies crying, SNAP.

[via Gunshow]

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I didn’t need to go without nightmares tonight anyway, it’s cool Twitter.

Ford dares Blair to arrest him before he poisons the Gotham reservoir – The Beaverton #topoli — Ian MacIntyre (@MrIanMacIntyre) February 28, 2014

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Sleep now, my sweet princes and princesses.

Yes, my friends, the day is done.  We are swishing about the last swigs of winter-relief cider in our mouths, and a techno-soundtracked montage of cats horking up hairballs for our brains.

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YES, clip from tonight’s “Parks and Rec” features Dan Castellaneta AND John Hodgman

So much nerd…

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Seriously, Susan, you’re just awful.

[via I Raff I Ruse]

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Have I told you guys about the giant crush I have on Annie Clark / St. Vincent?

“A frat boy with an acoustic guitar playing Radiohead is like the worst thing.”  -St. Vincent

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Is Godzilla not the only kaiju in his latest movie?

As if this movie weren’t giving me enough of a Kaiju jones, and excitement that Legendary Pictures may bring dignity back to the Godzilla franchise, we have EXTRA MONSTERS! Rodan? Then of course, there’s this fella with the pointy insect-like exploding leg: And … Continue reading

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Rap Music and The Simpsons

It’s not what you think, and yet, it’s almost exactly what you think.  There’s a Tumblr full of material like this collected here.

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Dutch Ravers Dance to Benny Hill’s ‘Yakety Sax’

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