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This is the future I always dreamed of.

VR is the next big thing and i'm going to make millions with my virtual reality cat petting simulator pic.twitter.com/YrGik5xOf9 — Andy Pandy (@_Pandy) March 9, 2016

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Smartphones replaced with random objects.

  Trymstene took photographer Eric Pickersgill’s “Removed” project a step further by adding in some ridiculous objects. [via Tastefully Offensive]

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Can’t wait for my next trip to New Brunswick

This is Lobster Roll, a motorcycle customized by leather artist Timothee “Timo” Richard to look like a lobster. It cost $6,000 for Timothee’s leather work alone, not including the bike itself. That makes for a pretty expensive lobster. Surprisingly, the … Continue reading

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You guys, I AM getting married in September.

Inside the ShelfPack you’ll find a series of stacked shelves that let you pre-organize your clothing and outfits as you pack them. It’s no larger than a regular-sized suitcase when sealed up, but when you get to your hotel room, … Continue reading

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Boston Dynamics robot training montage played against Scarface’s “Push it to the Limit”

Admit it, you can already here the song in your head.  You know exactly what this is going to be and you don’t care.  I hit the play button myself upon discovering this and in the first second was smacked straight … Continue reading

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Worst idea for a podcast, call me at least a LITTLE bit curious

[via iTunes]

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Kurvball had fun with Siri last night.

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