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30 DAY SONG CHALLENGE: 27 – A Song That You Wish You Could Play – The Theme to “Goldfinger”

Do not ask me why I chose this of all songs.  Ever since I learned how to play the guitar this has always been a neat little dream of mine.  Mainly because the tune itself seemed simple enough that I … Continue reading

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Jack White to Work w/ Insane Clown Posse

I…ummm…uggghhhh…OWWWWWW!!!!! Crack open some Faygo if it strikes your fancy, because the arguable king of curious collaborations has announced the most headach-inducing, swear-this-is-for-real news he could have possibly accomplished.  As part of his his blue-themed 7-inch single release series, White … Continue reading

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“Space Oddity” as a Children’s Book, and Learn to Draw the Little Miss/Mister Men Characters! Tonight’s Episode: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Children’s Books (and Related Fodder). [UPDATED]

David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” is a great song, eh? Have you ever imagined someone putting those lyrics together with images that look suspiciously like those from children’s books? Well, snoogins, your wish to have your spawn be as cool as … Continue reading

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The New Sonic Boom

You guys, I was really worried before when I heard Sonic Boom was getting ousted of their famous digs just a few units east of Bloor & Bathurst here in Toronto.  Kurvball and I were finally able to make time to check … Continue reading

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Felix Could be Either the “Bully Cat” or “Sucker” in this Situation…

But I’m leaning towards the latter. Sorry, Buddy.

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30 DAY SONG CHALLENGE: 26 – A Song That You Can Play on an Instrument – The “King of the Hill” Theme

It is an absolute miracle that I’ve not yet forgotten how to play this, as nearly all of my other repertoire’s numbers have left my head some time ago.  I’ve got the tune so deeply engrained into my head that … Continue reading

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Musician Profile: Kim Boekbinder: The Impossible Girl

This woman seems hell-bent on finding new colors on the musical spectrum. Afraid of mediocrity, this self-proclaimed “Impossible Girl” often sets my mind abuzz. Is she impossible because she’s got some manner of difficult personality? Or impossible because the approach … Continue reading

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New Ringtone, Old Humor

Kurvball is rather proud of the new personal ringtone she recorded for my iPhone.  THIS is what’s going to play whenever she calls me now.

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Happy Bunnday!!!

[via @ratbanjos]

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30 DAY SONG CHALLENGE: 25 – A Song That Makes You Laugh – William Shatner, “Has Been”

While I had a slew of choices I was ready to make for this one, I found myself having yet another Sophie’s Choice moment.  So I kinda narrowed it down to my two (or three) favorite numbers.

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