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Snake Truths

[via Bird and Moon]

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Your business…

“Your business is yours alone, until you share it. at which point you are at the mercy of your audience” one of the strongest lessons my mom ever taught me [via Ya Middle-Aged Auntie]

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Summed up my feelings on PSL’s in a remixed Cyanide & Happiness comic.

Original strip can be found here.

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“So last night I got drunk and played Skyrim…” Pt. 2

If for some reason people seem to like this one as much as the first, I’ve decided that next time I play this game I’m going to play as an Imperial called Gordon Ramsay and eat all of the food … Continue reading

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The most “Grand Theft Auto” video I’ve ever seen.

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Malala  the Magnificent 

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Many thanks to @SongExploder for pointing out that @arcadefire covered a song from my favorite Magnetic Fields album.

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