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Kurvball had fun with Siri last night.

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Portal turret will haunt Kurvball’s nightmares

Kurvball gets freaked out enough when I screw around with my Portal turret LED flashlight, especially when I get it to talk.  I look forward to somehow aquiring this puppy for the purposes of giving her a full-on stroke whenever … Continue reading

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Me, on Saturday night after I took a muscle relaxant for a headache and then had a couple of beers and all I wanted to do was go home and sleep and not wait for f***ing ever for the transit system to get me home.

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Happy Caturday!!!

Kurvball and I are celebrating with a mega-date.  Enjoy!

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Between Two Campaigners

CONTEXT: Gabe mocks Kurvball’s latest round of “garbage jenga” Kurvball: “Why do you hate me like the sun hates icarus?” *Gabe cry-laughs for five minutes* Gabe: “That was the most beautiful and poetic simile for hate I’ve ever heard.”

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I Don’t Know Where to Go From Here

Kurvball suffers a crisis after dipping my sweater into her coffee:

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“Look, by the Time You’re Done, You’ll be Lucky to Have Any BONES Left.”

Every time I consume my oatmeal for breakfast, I put in a couple of spoonfuls of this wheatbran. I went to the store last night to replenish my supply. Kurvball and I affectionally call it “Colon-Blow”, ’cause it’ll work your … Continue reading

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