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Happy Caturday!

This one hates his own feet apparently:

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Sooooooo…Apparently THIS Exists

If I have to depart a scorched-earth apocalypse before my will can correct all it’s wrongs, then I hope it occurs in a fashion similar to what’s depicted below: [via Reddit]

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The Royal Wedding: Kurvball Comments.

Hello. Of COURSE I got up at the crack of dawn to watch the “wedding of the year/decade/century.” Of COURSE I made pancakes and drank tea. Sure the wedding, as Kelly Oxford said, could “feed Africa,” but it was pure … Continue reading

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Friday Goodies Roundup!!!

I’ve kinda been upset this week.  Or at least feel like it.  That’s what happens when I think about The Duggars, or Scientology.  I’m upset like a wookie would be as it was forced to shovel the walkway.  Upset like … Continue reading

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First Full-Length Trailer for “Transformers: Dark of the Moon”

I’m not going to lie to you Marge, this will most likely be a giant crap-storm of a movie. I’m talking dung on whatever industrial-sized fan cools the Hadron Supercollider s***storm bad.  I might even watch it with earplugs so as not … Continue reading

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Kill It With Fire

As a matter of fact, set it all on fire.  Everything on fire.  RIGHT NOW. Video bonus…this thing DOES NOT end how you’d think it would end. [via Reddit]

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Christopher Walken reads The Raven

In honour of National Poetry Month (which I’m pretty sure is an American “celebration,” but who cares), top-notch book blog GalleyCat posted a YouTube video of Christopher Walken reading Edgar Allen Poe’s classically-creepy The Raven. NOTE: This does not show … Continue reading

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The Internet Wins Again

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All About Halifax

Kurvball, being of maritimer origin herself, tells me this is a mostly accurate portrayal of the area…mostly.

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Oh, Cyanide & Happiness, You Know Me So Well

Today’s Cyanide & Happiness was essentially my Friday afternoon.

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