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I’ll catch your “Jaws” LEGO set, and I’ll build it for free.

This week in “SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!!” is a user-created LEGO set over on the LEGO Ideas website, awaiting enough votes to get chosen as an official set (ala the “Back to the Future” Deloreon from earlier this … Continue reading

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Going to Bibliochaise my dreams everyone

AARRGGGGHHHHHH!!!!GET INTO MY HOME RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!! The Bibliochaise is made with materials adapted from high performance yacht technologies, it contains space for 5m of books, with the additional innovation of hidden wheels. The standard finish for the Bibliochaise Home is … Continue reading

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Me, and my relationship with food after a night of drinking

It can’t enter my mouth-hole any quicker. [via 4Gifs]

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I will full on FIGHT YOU if you tell me Grover wasn’t the best Sesame Street character.

[via Raiders of the Lost Tumblr]

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Godzilla – Asian Trailer

For those of you that haven’t seen the new Godzilla trailer that dropped last night, well your movie-loving behind has been on the wrong part of the internet.  It not only confirmed that we’re also getting a traditional kaiju-VS-kaiju battle, but we … Continue reading

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Pain Train

[via Pain Train]

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Riker Googling

TEXT (full justify) tIf you’re not following the latest Star Trek-themed Twitter account, you’re a damned fool that’s not a proper nerd about these things. list of cultures without nudity taboo — Riker Googling (@RikerGoogling) April 15, 2014 ferengi porn … Continue reading

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Pretty sure Björk is turning into that villain from “Thor”

I shudder to think of what The Destroyer’s singing voice would sound like. with nick fenton and peter strickland at the tribeca premiere of biophilia live film last night #björk… — björk (@bjork) April 27, 2014

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That book…that book did not go as I expected

The worst part of this is that I know I will exactly be their ruble enough father that will give this to his child. [via Reddit]

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Robot-piloted music continues to fascinate

Apropos of that title, is this man-made Lego monstrosity that plays legitimately good electronic music. Play House, as he calls it, was built for AudioGraft, an experimental music festival in Oxford, England. Spread out across a small tabletop, the assembly … Continue reading

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