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Ghost In The Shell: Identity in Space

A wonderful and thoughtful exploration of transition shots in Ghost in the Shell, addressing theme and content I regretfully never considered before.

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I Dream of Wires

Premieres here in Toronto at the Bloor Hot Docs Cinema this Saturday with a Q&A from one of the directors and a musical performances afterwards.  I can’t believe I didn’t know this existed, and not just because Trent Reznor is … Continue reading

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ARRRGGGHHHH!!! Come out already “Guardians of the Galaxy

New trailer released today that continues to be as amazing as all hell.

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Emma Thompson, the perpetual cinematic hero

[via The World of Cinema]

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Welcome to Chef Goldblum

The happiest place on earth.  So, go on, click the picture, you know you’re at least a little bit fascinated:

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Had some fun with Siri tonight

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Okay, sure, @RoboCop

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